President Ferdinand Marcos

A Thesis About the Marcos Truth

V. Military Awards and Decorations

Award Entitlements of Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, Infantry, Philippine Army

1.    A review of the Official Military Record of Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, ASN: 0-41394, Infantry, Philippine Army, indicates that he is entitled to the following awards and decorations.

Individual Decorations:
Distinguished Service Cross
Silver Star
Purple Heart (1OLC)
Prisoner of War

Service Decorations:
American Defense Service Medal with Clasp and Bronze Service Star
Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with 3 Bronze Service Stars
World War II Victory Medal
Philippine Defense Ribbon with 1 Bronze Service Star
Philippine Liberation Ribbon with 1 Bronze Service Star
Philippine Independence Ribbon

Unit Awards:
Presidential Unit Citation

Signed by Major, GS Daniel Gibson
Chief, Military Awards Branch


Purple Heart Medal
Wounded Soldier’s Medal
Wounded Personnel Medal (1st BAL)
Wounded Personnel Medal (2nd BAL)
Wounded Personnel Medal (3rd BAL)
Philippine Defense Medal & Ribbon w/ Three Bronze Stars (P.I.)
Philippine Liberation Medal & Ribbon – (P.I.)
Philippine Independence Ribbon – (P.I.)
American Defense Medal & Ribbon – (U.S.A.)
Asiatic Pacific Theater Medal & Ribbon – (U.S.A.)
World War II Victory Medal & Ribbon – (U.S.A.)
Philippine Republic Presidential Unit Citation Badge – (P.I.)
Distinguished Unit Citation Badge w/ Two Oak Leaf Clusters – (U.S.A.)

Signed by Lt. Colonel Antonio P. Martin
Assistant Adjutant General

3. Records of Colonel Ferdinand E. Marcos 0-41394, PA

Born: Sarrat, Ilocos Norte – 11 September 1917
Educational Attainment: LLB – UP
Military School Attended: No record.
Appointment and Promotions:
3Lt, Inf L/R of Res Officers as of 15 Jun 40.
1Lt (USAFFE) – 10 Feb 42 (SPAV)
Major (Grla) – 12 Dec 44 (SPAV)
Capt (P) – 18 Mar 48 (GO 26 HNDF s-50)
Major (P) – 24 Feb 51 (GO 128, GHQ AFP s-51)
Colonel (Ad-Interim) – 28 Aug 62 (para 10 SO 68, GHQ AFP s-62)
Colonel (Ad-Interim) – 24 May 63 pur to provisions Art VII, Sec 10, para(4) of the Constitution (para 13 SO 254, GHQ AFP s-63)
Colonel (P) – 13 Jul 63 (GO 265 GHQ AFP s-64)


CAD & Inducted into the USAFFE – 15 Nov 41
Asst G-2, 21st Div fr 16 Nov 41 to 8 Apr 42 (F-23)
Captured while on mission tp recapture Gen Capinpin – 9 Apr 42
POW, Camp O’Donnell fr 9 Apr 42 to 4 Aug 42 (F-23)
Released as POW – 4 Aug 42 (F-23)
Captured and concentrated at Fort Santiago fr 5 Aug to 12 Aug 42;
Escaped on 12 Aug 42 (F-23)
CO, “Maharlika” Unit (Grla) fr 16 Oct 42 to 12 Dec 44 (F-23)
On G-2 mission with USAFIP NL – 12 Dec 44 (Cfm by para 6 SO 1, Hq 14th Inf USAFIP NL s-45)
Attached to USAFIP NL – 13 Dec 44 to 30 Apr 45 (F-23)
Civil Affairs, GHQ USAFIP NL fr 1 May 45 to 6 Jan 46 (F-23)
Judge Advocate General, 2nd Inf Div – 7 Jan 46 (para 6 SO 5 Hq USAFIPAC s-46)
Processed 6 Feb 46 (F-23)
Relieved fr the active svc, PA for the convenience of the gov’t with the rank of Major eeff 1 Mar 46 (para 1 SO 52 HPA s-46)


Medal of Valor
Distinguished Conduct Star
Distinguished Conduct Star (1st BAL)
Distinguished Conduct Star (2nd BAL)
Distinguished Service Cross
Distinguished Service Star
Distinguished Service Star (1st BAL)
Silver Star Medal
Gold Cross Medal

4. Awards received by Ferdinand E. Marcos from the United States Government during World War II:

During the second State Visit to the United States of President Marcos, he met with Secretary of Defense Cuspar W. Weinberger at the Pentagon on September 18, 1982. At that meeting Secretary Weinberger presented President Marcos with a glass case containing the Distinguished Service Cross, the Silver Star, and the Purple Heart, all awards the Philippine leader received from the United States Government during World War II.

General Mateo Capinpin, Commanding General of the 21st Division (PA) attested the following:

While an Assistant Intelligence Officer with designation as Combat Intelligence Officer of the 21st Division, USAFFE in Bataan, then 1st Lieut. Marcos was awarded by Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Commanding General, USAFFE, the Silver Star on or about February 1942, upon order of the undersigned Commanding General, 21st Division, for outstanding gallantry in action when on or about 16 January 1942, as a 3rd Lieut., he attacked with a patrol of three men a superior enemy infiltrating force in Barrio Guitol, Balanga, Bataan, and drove away with heavy casualties this enemy force which had surprised the 21st Division in bivouac and had threatened to rout the troops at rest.

On or about the latter part of March 1942, 1st Lieut. Marcos. While Assistant Intelligence Officer for the 21st Division, USAFFE, in Bataan, was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for extraordinary heroism beyond the call of duty, by order of the Commanding General, USAFFE (General Douglas MacArthur) for volunteering and succeeding in attacking  and destroying an enemy infiltrating column armed with four battalion guns (70 mm artillery pieces), blowing up the enemy artillery dump and killing in combat twelve enemy officers and sixteen enemy enlisted men, when the 21st, 31st, and 51st Divisions were demoralized and almost routed by this enemy infiltrating column.

Brigadier General Calisto Duque, Deputy Chief of Staff, attested that major Ferdinand E. Marcos received four Purple Hearts for wounds received in action on or about 9 April 1942 during the epic battle in Mount Samat, Bataan and for other earlier separate encounters in Bataan.

Medals earned for services in the United States Armed Forces:

Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal
American Defense Service Medal
World War II Victory Medal

Recommended by General Jonathan Wainwright for the U.S. Congressinal Medal of Honor, attested to by his Commanding Officer, General Mateo Capinpin of the Division, to which Major Marcos belonged. Major Marcos was recommending for award of the Congressional Medal of Honor for extraordinary heroism and valor and the call of duty in suicidal action against overwhelming enemy forces at Salian on or about 22 January 1942. The recommebdation was transmitted on 3 April 1942 up to the date of surrender of Bataan on 9 April 1942, apparently in view of the confusion and concerted enemy attack resulting in the surrender of the Bataan Peninsula, action was taken by General Wainwright on the recommendation. The papers were logdged in the old War Department and the Pentagon in Washington D.C.


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